Miss Julie



I Want My Money Back

How are productions like this actually able to be put up in NYC? Because the producer or director or actor's own ego is so huge they fund it, just to be said it's 'Off-Broadway', even if there is only 15 people in the audience. And then they cast their friends. I've seen better performances at a 5th grade play. Christine (who's name gets changed to Kristin..I don't know why) and Jean both have Spanish accents that make it hard to understand, as well as the overdramatic telenovela acting from both. Miss Julie- pretty, yes, but she should be a reporter. Her one note deliverance of lines makes for a boring character. This was horribly miscast, as Jean, Christine, and Julie are all of various ages and there is not even a hint of attraction between Jean & Julie. The power struggle & the lust between these two characters is the essence of the play, and this definitely missed the mark...