Manon Lescaut

Opened Apr 13, 2007
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"Last night was a good night for art and for Italy" wrote a critic the morning after the premiere of Manon Lescaut. Puccini's third opera catapulted him into stardom. Immediately he was declared the successor to Verdi, even by the great man himself. It has been said of Manon Lescaut that it contains enough melody for more than a dozen operas, yet they are all in one. The tragic story of the young student and the courtesan will carry you away. Dicapo Opera Theatre presents a fully staged, one-hour, reduced version of Manon Lescaut on Thursday, April 19 at 11:00 a.m. $10 for children through age 12. All adults accompanied by children are invited to attend free of charge.

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