Little Tragedies

Opened Nov 3, 2009
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Alexander Pushkin's Little Tragedies are four short, humorous yet lyrical plays about human nature's inherent contradictions. In "The Knight-Miser," the richest man in the world discovers that money can't buy him love or the respect of his son. "Mozart and Salieri" is the story of the greatest genius -- and the greatest villain -- in the history of music. "The Stone Guest" features the swashbuckling lover-poet Don Juan in a love triangle with his fiery mistress Laura (the actual prototype for Carmen) and Doña Anna, the true love of his life, (with far more action in a few minutes than in all of Chekhov's plays combined). And in "The Feast in Time of Plague," revelers honor a fallen friend with poems and songs, in search of answers to the question: what do we do when there's nothing we can do?

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Peter Von Berg, Brandon Ruckdashel, et al. Set for Little Tragedies - Oct 5, 2009

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