Jason and the Argonauts

1hr. 5min.


Jason's uncle isn't exactly lovable...he murdered Jason's father, the King, banished Jason as a baby and stole the kingdom. Nobody dared to stand up to him…until now. Jason has grown up and is ready to claim his rightful place on the throne. However, in these ancient times nothing is that simple. In order to take back what is rightfully his, Jason and his crew must sail The Argo to the other side of the world, find the Golden Fleece and bring it back while bravely facing numerous obstacles, including the odd monster, sleeping dragons and hungry harpies. One of the UK's leading theatre companies, Visible Fictions brings its most fantastic of journeys to the Skirball Center to thrill audiences with an inventive take on a classic tale. Using a handful of action figures and one incredible wooden cart, they create an adventure story that will inspire the hero in each of us.

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