Hole-O-Matic! The All Request Random Pop Show

1hr. 30min.


Join downtown favorites Karen Mack and Michael Holland for a weekly mix of of their multi-award winning, all-request pop insanity. That's right - ALL REQUEST, with more than 140 options from 5 decades of music, covering 300 different artists from ABBA to Kylie to Queen. Like reality TV, but with the reality part, and you get to call the shots with your very own jukebox stocked with the best (and worst) hits from the '60's, '70s, '80s and beyond. Deranged medleys, soaring harmonies, pop culture freefall! BUT WAIT! YOU ALSO GET... comedy, custom cocktails, and suspect trivia for fabulous prizes if you're up for the challenge! CHOSEN BEST NYC MUSICAL DUO THREE TIMES OVER! "Gleefully goofy and shamelessly entertaining! Everybody has fun, everybody Wang Chungs!" -- Time Out NY (...we don't actually know what that means either, but admit it - it does make you think. Come to the show.) Group Sales Number (8+): 212-439-8838

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