RE:Fun! Interesting story, creative and complex music/songs

Saw this last night and I enjoyed it. The story was interesting and revolves around the founding of a small community theater that becomes the unexpected lightning-rod of all of the main characters lives. I really enjoyed the creative and technically challenging melodies of the songs. The acting was good and refreshing from the young cast, many of whom are making their NYC debut with the show. There are several really funny moments that are delivered with great comedic timing by the young cast that had the audience roiling with laughter. The first act is a little long, clocking in at about 90 minutes, and goes into a lot of emotional detail with the main characters Jane and David. Though one could argue that this detail is necessarily to build the character-audience connection that pays off in the 2nd act, I personally felt that some areas could be trimmed a tad bit tighter. The second act moved really, really well, with excellent pacing that reaches a nice climax and resolution. Some of the great songs stayed in my head after the show "Larger than Life", "Showtunes". Overall, a nice little off-broadway show that I would recommend to my friends and family.