¡Flamenco Festival Gitano! Angelita Vargas & Jairo Barrull

Opened Nov 14, 2010
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Direct from Seville, Gypsy flamenco dance icon Angelita Vargas and the young, dynamic Jairo Barrull join together for a mesmerizing night of Gypsy flamenco. Vargas appeared on Broadway in the 1980s with Flamenco Puro and was recently featured in the Farruco family's Gitanas, which toured extensively throughout Europe. Barrull, the great-grand nephew of famed guitarist Diego del Gastor, has performed with such important figures as Concha Vargas and Juana Amaya. With guest artist Juan del Gastor, their program Gitanerias is a celebration of the passing down of flamenco traditions from generation to generation in the Gypsy community where dance is an expression of cultural identity.

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