First Weekends

Opened Jan 11, 2008
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Ryan Migge performs My Jesus Tastes Like Grape Juice. Meet Maddie. She's Tall. She's smart... somewhat. She's Presbyterian (in a Catholic school world). She sings and dances. She reads poetry. She watches MTV and the Disney Channel. She plays DDR. She likes boys. She hates her best friend. She talks to Jesus. Kriota Willberg/Dura Mater's low-budget, multimedia dance-in-progress, C.M. Barassed, blends scenes from C.M. Barass' famous melodrama, The Black Crook, with biographical research, historical and contemporary movement, and music from the original production. Barrass's life becomes the archetypal struggle between art and commerce, telling the story of a man whose life was ruined by dance.

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