Einstein on the Beach

4hr. 30min.
Opened Sep 14, 2012
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In 1976, audiences around the globe experienced a collective dream. Time slowed, sound tumbled everywhere and nowhere, and cryptic images froze in light. It was the collaboration of the century: Robert Wilson and Philip Glass, two chief manipulators of artistic time, joined forces in the name of another time-bender, Einstein, to create a visual, kinetic, and musical work that forever revolutionized the landscape of artistic achievement. Following critically acclaimed revivals in 1984 and 1992, Einstein on the Beach returns this fall as part of BAM's 150th anniversary celebrations. With no story, hero, or heroine, Einstein unfolds as a hypnotic tableau, inspired by the poetic idea of a genius and propelled by Glass' sublime score. A cosmic chorus of syllables, numbers, streams of consciousness, and enigmatic poems-punctuated by Lucinda Childs' choreography-unfurls beneath Wilson's spectacular set, enlivening this epic, seminal masterwork of 20th-century performance.

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Einstein on the Beach - Sep 17, 2012

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