Dr. Lucky's Burlesque School

Opened Jun 20, 2007
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Featured on NPR's Morning Edition, Dr. Lucky's Burlesque School combines classroom learning with cabaret entertainment. Structured around a lecture about the history of burlesque written and performed by Dr. Lucky, the evening's performance features students from New York University enrolled in The History of American Burlesque? performing original and historically-based songs, dances, skits, and comedic bits in the burlesque spirit of parody, gender inversion, transgressive insubordination, and the deconstruction of the split between highbrow and lowbrow culture. Starring guest lecturers and artists from the course including Dr. Lucky, Julie Atlas Muz, James Tigger! Ferguson, Jo Boobs? Weldon, and Rose Wood! Come see what you knew all along: burlesque is savvy, sexy, and smart!

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