Dina Martina: Off The Charts!

Opened Feb 22, 2008
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Dina Martina: Off The Charts!, like all of Martina's surreal shows, is a nearly indescribable night of unique entertainment that assaults the senses like no other show. Her unforgettable blend of peculiar music, stupefying comic banter and bizarre performance has been described as "a train wreck in heels", "like Vegas on crack" and "one of the best nightmares you'll ever have." Perhaps the best description of Dina comes from a glowing review in Seattle's famed alternative weekly The Stranger: "Her voice sounds like a cat having an epileptic fit on a chalkboard, her body moves like two pigs fighting their way out of a sleeping bag, and her face looks like the collision of a Maybelline truck with a Shoney's buffet. But Dina redefines what it means to be a star." Those who don't think a performance can be life-changing haven't seen Dina Martina.

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