Opened Nov 8, 2006
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With visually stunning tableaux in which music and projections meld together seamlessly, Delirium is a contemporary urban tale, a quest for balance in a world increasingly out of sync with reality. Bill - the main character - is an ordinary man living inside a bubble, more and more recluse in a society where even relationships are "virtual," and where television and computers have become ubiquitous devices that isolate us from one another. A delirious sensory folly, Everything in Bill's urban life further draws him into an imaginary, virtual world. On his journey he meets myriad characters that bring him little by little on the cusp of growth and change. He eventually learns to ground his energy into the real world. At the end of his voyage, Bill contaminates the people of his planet and enlists them in his quest for balance.

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Loose Lips - Nov 6, 2006

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