Deganit Shemy & Company

Opened Feb 11, 2010
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Deganit Shemy & Company present the world premiere of round 2 and Blink. In round 2, five women explore the silence born out of intense, physical brutality and the paths to communication emerging from emptiness. Choreographer Deganit Shemy juxtaposes a dense and driving sound-scape, designed by Tei Blow, with stillness. Performance by Robin Brown, Erika Eichelberger, Leah Nelson, Denisa Musilova and Savina Theodorou. Blink is the measure of time between the intention of one person and the reaction of another. Misinterpretations that occur in a nano-second force a new way of communicating and a new way of understanding. Live and recorded music and fast physical gestures expose the fragility of time, of relationship and of accepting.

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