Clifton Anderson Quintet



Clifton Anderson has been on a lifelong journey of artistic evolution. From his start as a child surrounded by a musical family, to formal education mixed with the practical experience of live gigs, Clifton's odyssey is ever-unfolding. Whether playing as a long-standing member of his uncle Sonny Rollins' band, helping to run the Doxy label or leading sessions with his own band, Clifton's life is always happily connected to music. His first recording as a leader in approximately ten years, the highly anticipated 'Decade' was released in January of 2009 to enthusiastic reviews. JazzWax's Marc Meyers wrote that Clifton "...shines as a stylist and storyteller… On Decade, Anderson demonstrates a new level of maturity and offers a warm, round and purposeful sound… [His] compositions are all strong and fresh, and they avoid being derivative. Best of all, they are tailor made to show off the trombonist's lyricism and powerful chops...".

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