Andrea Marcovicci Sings Rodgers & Hart



Andrea Marcovicci, the celebrated singer and actress, lauded as "the greatest cabaret star of her generation" and "the epitome of elegance and showbiz savvy" will perform her new show Andrea Marcovicci Sings Rodgers & Hart for the first time in New York. This summer's world premiere of Andrea Marcovicci Sings Rodgers & Hart was heralded by the San Francisco Examiner as "a fascinating glimpse into the heyday of early 20th century musical theater." Celebrating the music of one of the American Songbook's most prolific and accomplished songwriting teams, the show is brimming with hits and undiscovered gems. Andrea has unearthed some rare treasures from the Rodgers & Hart songbook: "A Little Birdie Told Me So" from Peggy Ann and "What's The Use?" from Lido Lady. In quintessential Marcovicci fashion, she interweaves tender stories and humorous anecdotes about the team with selections from the golden age of American popular music. From the giddy excitement of Rodgers & Hart's early collaborations to Hart's heartbreaking untimely death, Andrea traces the singularly American story of a duo that gave us so many beloved songs.

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