At last, a show that lives up to its hype! Rent is theatre at its best: passionate, exhuberant, uplifting, and joyous. Author Jonathan Larson, who died tragically of an aortic aneurism on the day of the show's first dress rehearsal, presents panoramically a year in the life of a dozen or so East Villagers. Faced with the squalor of a squatter's existence and the ravages of HIV, these incredible young heroes and heroines somehow build family and community with passion and style. Larson had an enormous amount on his mind and in his heart, and as a result Rent is imperfect, but only because it so brims and rocks with excess enthusiasms and energy. Rent features the best theatre score in years--maybe decades--and has a winning and wonderful cast. I love this show: it's an absolute must-see.