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Don Juan in Hell
By David Finkle · Aug 22, 2000
The late actor and playwright Robert Morley once defined good theater as four actors sitting on a divan, talking. By this measure, he must have counted as heavenly, despite its tit
Cyrano de Bergerac
By Charles Wright · Aug 22, 2000
Halfway through Act I of the first press preview of Aquila Theatre Company's vigorous new production of Cyrano de Bergerac, Anthony Cochrane, as the homely titl
Watching the Audience
By Michael John LaChiusa · Aug 22, 2000
Michael John LaChiusa, the music man behind Broadway's The Wild Party and Marie Christine, looks at who's listening.
Julius Caesar
By David Finkle · Aug 22, 2000
David McCallum as Julius Caesar(Photo: Michal Daniel) It's always smart to schedule a production of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar--the current Public Theat
Give Him a Minute and He'll Do It Again, The Burden of Sunflowers, 3 x Pirandello
By Jason Anthony · Aug 22, 2000
Find the world of Off-Off Broadway theater a bit bewildering? Try the New York International Fringe Festival brochure. A Bhagvad-Gita of the avant garde, it presents a pantheon ...
I Will Survive
By Jim Caruso · Aug 18, 2000
All this talk about Survivor has forced me to think about what I would need if I found myself stranded on a desert island. First of all, this would not be a good thing; the
Purdy Woman, The Chronicles of Hell, Synchronized Swimming: The Dry Version
By Adam Klasfeld · Aug 18, 2000
Color me Goldilocks. While you're at it, imagine the greater Lower East Side as enchanted forest. Now suppose the New York International Fringe Festival is a house in this forest
Tiny Ninja Macbeth, Finally, Little Green Man
By Brooke Pierce · Aug 18, 2000
Set in various locations centered around the Lower East Side, the New York International Fringe Festival is like a theatrical carnival. From August 16 to 27, there are shows at al
Paris Trash
By Kathryn Walat · Aug 17, 2000
Lost Beckett, from a dustbin in Paris, comes to the Fringe--dodging the law. Kathryn Walat talks to the Neo-Futurist and Theater Oobleck offenders.
Quick Wit: Chad Kimball
By Ricky Spears · Aug 16, 2000
The young actor, so hilarious in the current revival of Godspell, talks funny with Ricky Spears.