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Truly Julie Wilson
By Barbara and Scott Siegel · Apr 20, 2001
JULIE WILSON is back at the top of her form with her new DOROTHY FIELDS-AMANDA McBROOM show at the Algonquin.
Bells Are Ringing
By David Finkle · Apr 20, 2001
Faith Prince in Bells Are Ringing(Photo: Carol Rosegg) The equivalent of the show curtain for Tina Landau's revival of Bells Are Ringing has the music
The Producers
By Michael Portantiere · Apr 20, 2001
Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane in The Producers(Photo: Paul Kolnik) There are at least two--perhaps only two!--ways to make ...
Gale Force
By Jim Caruso · Apr 19, 2001
Gale Harold, famous as the super-gay stud Brian in Queer as Folk on TV, switches gears to play a homophobe Off-Broadway in Uncle Bob.
The King's Mother
By Michael J. Bandler · Apr 19, 2001
Tony Award-winner Leslie Uggams makes her first non-musical Broadway appearance in August Wilson?s King Hedley II.
Lackawanna Blues
By David Finkle · Apr 19, 2001
Ruben Santiago-Hudson in Lackawanna Blues(Photo: Michal Daniel) Love given and returned is the irresistible theme of Ruben Santiago-Hudson's Lackawanna Bl
By David Hurst · Apr 18, 2001
In recent years, theater audiences have been subjected to such questionable spectacles as Stomp, Thwack, and Squonk. Although appropriately n
Mostly Mercer, Totally Terrific
By Michael Portantiere · Apr 17, 2001
All hail the CD reissue of Mostly Mercer, a terrific, 15-year-old album showcasing the work of one of America's greatest songwriters.
Good Morning, Starshine
By Charles Nelson · Apr 17, 2001
TOM PLOTKIN has gotten himself into a Hair-y situation at City Center.
Shades of Brown
By Michael Portantiere · Apr 16, 2001
Jason Robert Brown gets a great cast and a full orchestra together for a concert of his work at Cooper Union.