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That I Can Do; I Can Do That!
By Peter Filichia · Feb 6, 2002 · New York City
Peter Gerety (foreground)and Robert Hogan inFurther Than the Furthest Thing(Photo: Joan Marcus) Saw Further Than the Furthest Thing at Manhattan ...
Gone Too Soon
By Ben Winters · Feb 5, 2002 · New York City
Michael Hammond When Michael Hammond died on January 29 in a borrowed home in a fashionable Washington, D.C. neighborhood, he had been chairman of the National ...
Heavenly Creatures
By Brooke Pierce · Feb 5, 2002 · New York City
Purists, beware: If you don't fancy a techno beat pulsing beneath your show music, you're probably not going to like this recording. Finally appearing in the ...
Sorrows and Rejoicings
By David Finkle · Feb 5, 2002 · New York City
Charlayne Woodard and John Gloverin Sorrows and Rejoicings(Photo: Bruce Davidson) "I've had an appointment with the theme of exile for over 30 years," Athol ...
Peter and Wendy
By Brooke Pierce · Feb 5, 2002 · New York City
Karen Kendal shares the stage with Captain Hook and Peter Pan in Peter and Wendy (Photo: Richard Termine) Mabou Mines, one of the na
Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Winner!
Dan Rather sings! "Be careful what you wish for," one of our readers wrote in reference to our "Compilation Musicals From Hell" contest. That warning is well taken. ...
Get the Picture?
By Peter Filichia · Feb 4, 2002 · New York City
Ellen Greene with Audrey II inthe film version of Little Shop of Horrors When I recently chose The 50 Best Stage-to-Hollywood Musical Performances, I got a ...
One Man
Steven Berkoff(Photo: Snowdon) When actor/writer/director Steven Berkoff steps on to a bare stage to begin his One Man show, it's a good bet that the reason ...
''BMI'' Means ''Better Musicals Indeed!''
By Peter Filichia · Feb 1, 2002 · New York City
Lehman Engel Now that The Fantasticks has closed, what's New York's longest-running show? Does The BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop count? It sure ...
Albee All Over
By Charles Nelson · Feb 1, 2002 · New York City
Edward Albee Each of the three Edward Albee plays in rehearsals right now in New York and environs is decorated with a Tony-winning diva at the top: Anne Bancroft is ...