A scene from iLuminate at New World Stages.
A scene from iLuminate at New World Stages.
(© iLuminate)

iLuminate, a dance-in-the-dark stage show that blends music, art, dance, and technology will open in a new, 2014 edition at New World Stages on January 27.

Combining myths with adventure and romance, iLuminate follows the story of young artist Jacob, who, with the help of his magical paint brush, can turn his characters into real life creatures. But when that paint brush is stolen, Jacob must save the town and face the danger that awaits him. The story is told through dance styles including hip-hop, Latin, and breaking, all using the power of light.

The creative team includes Miral Kotb (director, choreographer, author), Athena Sunga (coauthor), Justin "Kanobby" Keitt (composer/musical director), Christopher Tignor (composer), John "JRock" Nelson (choreographer, scenic, and costume designer), Dario Mejia (choreographer), Marcus Allan Cobb (choreographer, costume designer), and Franzblau Media, Inc. (executive producer).

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