You've been in Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding in the past. Is this the second time you'll be in the show? Third. How often do you appear each week? Once a week, every Thursday. I just watched a run through of the show last Thursday [Nov. 11] and I officially start this Thursday [Nov. 18]. Is this Hamlet for you? What do you mean? What I mean is, it's not Hamlet - not as tough a role. But there's a certain amount of preparation for it, too. I do it for the money! [pause, gales of laughter] I enjoy the show. Joe [producer Joe Corcoran] gave me the first try at this a while ago and he asked me to do it again and I would do anything for him. Plus it's always fun to act. Do you see yourself acting in other things? Oh, sure. That's what I want to do with my life. I went to school for it. I actually want to be in my own movie - that's what I'm working towards. Who do you play in Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding? I was Barry the first time, and Tony the second time. And this time it's the ex-boyfriend of Tina. And you cause a ruckus, don't you? Yeah! So this is probably the most suitable role for me! You have to do less acting?! Yeah, exactly! The only thing is I have to get drunk more in this role and I really like to follow the realist method so I'll be doing no 'method' acting. I might have to drink and get drunk. And that, of course, will be a big stretch for me! You're at least half-kidding, I'm sure. Yes. Would you like to do some serious parts as well? I've always wanted to do this and film and TV. That's what I've wanted to do from the beginning so it's just a matter of time. What's your idea of a dream part after this? I might be doing a small role in a new animated movie ... I can't say anything more about it now. Where did you go to school for acting? NYU. Film school? Yeah. Did you graduate? Yes, I did. Where were you born? In Mineola, Long Island. How old are you? 32. The Howard Stern Show's been good to you, right? It's been great. Is Howard going to see you in Tony 'n' Tina? Absolutely not! You can't persuade him? The only chance is if his daughter wants to come and then he might come. I know the last time I was in it his wife Allison had wanted to bring the kids to see the show so you never know. Howard's got plenty to do. He's a very busy man. But he's got an open invitation? Of course. Ever want to do Tony 'n' Tina more than once a week? That's all Joe [Corcoran] can afford! I heard he was paying you $10,000 per show. [laughter] If he was doing that I'd do 20 shows a week! You've got to get Howard to play Tony. Yeah! [laughter] Howard gets offered a lot of big roles - at least that's what I would assume. Howard's not working on something for Broadway, is he? I haven't heard of anything. He's producing two shows - TV shows. You in them? Not that I've heard.