Performing Arts at Pace University will present Our Lady of 121st Street, April 7-14 at The Lion Theatre on Theatre Row. Grant Kretchik will direct the production.

The cast will include Ashley Romans (Inez), Ashley Rose Folino (Marcia), Aubree Mullally (Sonia), Brandon Contreras (Edwin), Clarke Bliss (Victor), Daniel Rings (Father Lux), David Armanino (Gail), Dominique Fishback (Norca), Emmanuel Polycarpe (Flip), Gaby Sandoval (U/S Norca), Jason Duvernau (Rooftop), Justin Hart (Pinky), Lizabeth Trimble (U/S Marcia), and Niko Papastefanou (Balthazar).

The design team will include Christopher Jensen (set design), Graham Kindred (lighting design), David Lawson (sound design), and Angela Wendt (costume design).

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