The Insanity of Mary Girard: A Dream in One Act

Opened Jan 31, 2013
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Mr. Stephen Girard (1750-1831): Banker, Mariner and Merchant Mogul, College Founder, Philanthropist, Primary Financier for the War of 1812 with a historical collections museum erected in his honor. A Frenchman by birth and naturalized in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who, before the turn of the 18th century, became one of the wealthiest men in the United States of America. To quote Stephen Girard as being 'a man of power' would prove a severe understatement. However, despite his high profile, much remains unknown about the life of his spouse, Mrs. Mary Girard. All the more shrouded in speculation and myth is her being admitted into Pennsylvania Hospital in 1790 by Mr. Girard himself. Do you dare wade your way through the murky waters of this woman's journey for whom history books hold no volumes and whose fate was irrevocably sealed? Was Mary Girard truly mad, or did her husband merely exercise his ability to possess--quite literally--everything money can buy?

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