The Old Masters

Opened Jan 19, 2011
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The Old Masters, written in 2004 and previously performed in London's West End, takes place under the menacing shadow of Mussolini in 1937. Two aging lions joust over the value of art and money. Just outside Florence, famous art historian Bernard Berenson (played by Waterston) and notorious art dealer Joseph Duveen (portrayed by Murray) edge toward an explosive final encounter as their turbulent relationship erupts on stage.

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The Old Masters

Jan 31, 2011
Sam Waterston, Brian Murray, and Shirley Knight deliver first-rate performances in Simon Gray's compelling play about the art world and an unusual domestic arrangement. Read More

The Old Masters - Jan 31, 2011

Shilrley Knight, Brian Murray, Sam Waterston, et al. to Star in Simon Gray's The Old Masters - Nov 17, 2010

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