The Dirty Dozen Brass Band



For a band that has always been known for pushing boudaries forward, it was a bit of a dilemma when The Dirty Dozen Brass Band were faced with celebrating the 25th Anniverary of their debut release, "My Feet Can't Fail Me Now." The album heralded the coming of a new breed of brass band in the city of New Orleans, and for that matter, around the world. So how does a band known for their revolutionary spirit in a traditional world celebrate an anniversary? By looking forward, of course. The Dirty Dozen Brass Band will be re-issuing the re-mastered version of the quintessential brass band album that has defined the modern brass band era since it's original release via Tipspin, a revolutionary digital platform that ensures efficient direct-to-fan digital delivery of music and much more. StageOne welcomes Dirty Dozen back for their 25th anniversary concert tour that will take them through the country for the month of November.