Rough Crossing

Opened Nov 28, 2008
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A brand new musical comedy is about to debut on Broadway, but it doesn't have an ending yet. Also, the beginning needs a little work. And the middle is a mess. Aboard a trans-Atlantic ocean liner, the celebrated playwrights Turai and Gal have their work cut out for them, and only four days to do it. And to complicate matters, their tongue-tied composer--hopelessly in love with the temperamental leading lady (who's been caught in a compromising position with the leading man)--has tossed his score overboard, and threatens to jump ship himself. Can they steady the turbulent emotions of the cast and crew--and finish the show--before they dock in New York?

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Dugan, Kerr, Rogers, Stuhr, et al. Set for Yale Rep's Rough Crossing - Nov 13, 2008

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