Molly Sweeney

Opened Sep 14, 2011
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Blind since infancy, Molly Sweeney only knows of the world through touch, sound, taste, and smell. But when she is goaded into an operation to restore her sight by her husband and doctor, she sees for the first time all the glory and harsh realities of the life she is living. Molly's tale moves toward an unexpected and poignant conclusion about the way we perceive our existence. The New York Times described the Irish Repertory Theatre production as "A deeply moving meditation on hope, change and despair, it's a compelling piece of theatre, one in which the ending applause is only the beginning of the play's effects."

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Jonathan Hogan, Simone Kirby, Ciaran O'Reilly Set for Molly Sweeney at Long Wharf - Aug 9, 2011

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