Have You Seen Us?

Opened Nov 24, 2009
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Liza Colon-Zayas, Sol Frieder, Elaine Kussack, and Sam Waterston star in the world premiere of Athol Fugard's Have You Seen Us?. Henry Parsons (Waterston) comes in to a mall diner for his usual -- a turkey sandwich -- and insulting banter with Adela, the Mexican-American waitress. The two creep toward a fragile understanding until Solly and Rachel, an eastern European Jewish couple, sit down to eat. The couple's entrance forces Henry to a reckoning with the indelible remains of his past; and, for a moment, unites four lost souls.

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Have You Seen Us? - Dec 7, 2009

Lisa Colon-Zayas, Sam Waterston, et al. Set for Have You Seen Us? - Oct 16, 2009

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