Toy Theatre After Dark



Toy Theatre After Dark is a two week festival of puppetry and object theatre of miniature proportions. Program 1 Waterbox, a watery tale of birth and death told by inanimate objects, Justin Spooner (Minneapolis); Balls, Robin Schwartzman, an amusing look at sibling rivalry, (Minneapolis); Lecture with Calvin a puppet attacks the lecturer (help!), and Meet Baby Gigi, cooing and darling, Michael Montenegro (Chicago); The Wood Choppers Opera, a story of invention served with toast, Dolly Wagglers (Lindsay McCaw and Adam Cook, Portland, Maine); What are You Made Of, multiple mishaps of makeshift marionettes, Kurt Hunter (Minneapolis); The Gnip Gnopera, a blacklight Ping-Pong opera, Z puppets (Shari Aronson & Chris Griffeth, Minneapolis); Two Wheel Tour, a parade of oddities, Michael Sommers (Minneapolis). ?? Program 2 Pieces, a mixture of shadow and dimensional puppetry, Amber Davis, Ali Fitzpatrick, Dan Dukich, and Gary DuBreuil, (Minneapolis); Consumption, a neurotic, comical inner dialogue, Kristi Tiernes (Minneapolis); Gobble 'em up Quick, a canta historia about chocolate, chastity, and regret, Billy Mullaney (Minneapolis); The Sardine Circus, a hilariously greasy and odorous tale, Dolly Wagglers (Maine); The Old Chilean, Saldania, a teller of tales, and The Departure Arrives, an event of goodbye, Michael Montenegro (Chicago); In Flight, a plane is crashing, David Commander (Brooklyn); Sad Song Sing-along, does anyone have a tissue?, Michael Sommers (Minneapolis).

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