reasons to be pretty

Opened Sep 17, 2011
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The final ferocious cap in a trilogy that began with The Shape of Things and Fat Pig, LaBute's reasons to be pretty centers on two young working-class couples who discover that simple comments can backfire horribly. When Greg casually comments to a friend that he finds his girlfriend Steph to be normal looking (even though he wouldn't trade her for the world), he ends up on the defensive. Was it an insult or a compliment? At the same time, his buddy Kent is looking for his next casual encounter, unbeknownst to Kent's wife Carly. Enlisted to help cover for him, Greg is at loss for what to do, while trying to figure out exactly what he's looking for in life, what it takes to be a good person and what it means to be pretty.

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Walking Shadow Theatre Company Announces Cast for reasons to be pretty - Jul 29, 2011

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