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In my past few blog entries I gave advice to my fellow performers about auditioning, and in each case I never got cast - which may lead you to believe that, "this guy has no idea what he's talking about." Well, It's your lucky day.

I just recently auditioned for the play Orestes by Euripides. I honestly was not sure if I wanted to do a Greek play, as I am focusing on acting in my upcoming short film, Your Brown and White Feather Earrings, but hey, I should probably listen to my own advice: "Audition for everything-- it never hurts."

The audition process for this play was quite different from any other I've participated in. First, the play is split between two directors. Second, there was a group warm-up which involved dancing to Jennifer Lopez. Finally, there was a short cold read. I found out later that I was called back!

After the call back, I was called back again. After that call back, I was called back another time. And yup - you guessed it, After that call back, there was the final call back.

Anyways, it was worth it. I ended up getting cast in a supporting role of the Phyrgian Slave! There might have been some type casting in that I'm Indian, but a role is a role, and I am not complaining.

TIP: Callbacks can be tedious. But there is a key. If you are Persistent, Consistent, and Talented, you'll be fine.

On a small side note, I wanted to talk about my plans for this summer.

I'll be brief. Here are my goals: • Finish my short film (color timing, sound mixing, video editing etc.) • Atlanta Shakespeare Company Internship • Audition, Audition, Audition! (Heck, I might even need to check out my page for some auditioning advice!)

I want to thank TheaterMania University for giving me this opportunity to describe my auditioning/improv/volunteer experiences at UCLA. I greatly enjoyed writing the blog entries. Finally I want to thank you, the reader, for joining me on this "exciting and enlightening" roller coaster ride!