Wreck of the Unfathomable

Opened Oct 12, 2007
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A storm, a sinking ship, and a captain who is too drunk to pray for survival. The castaways wash up on an island where a local lunatic has declared the occasional murder permissible. The servants struggle to establish a new society while the aristocracy resist the temptation to kill themselves with rocks. Civility is abandoned when the iron boat "Unfathomable" fetches up on this desolate, haunted island. Her crew and passengers discover shadows of their pasts and abandon their futures as they become caught in the mystic wisdoms of the sea and wind. Modes of existence, recalibrations of humanism and drunken passions interweave to form a symphonic spasm of nonsense. No one is safe from themselves or each other and the only salvation is in madness, blindness and small bottles of brown liquor.

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