Waste of Shame

1hr. 30min. (1 intermission)
Opened Mar 11, 2006
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To save money for their wedding, Chris and his fiance Melanie live in a cramped apartment with Chris' best friend and college fraternity brother, H-Bomb. H-Bomb is a poet, has an artist's sensibility and heart, a gentle, free spirit. Unfortunately, H-Bomb is also mentally ill, an alcoholic, a chronic underachiever, and suffers from strange obsessions and wild, manic mood swings. Melanie is thrilled to be getting married, but she is tough, a perfectionist, the oldest of three sisters, and not used to living with boys. This situation is driving her crazy, and worse, she senses that as long as H-Bomb is around, she and Chris can never be truly happy. She resents having to compete for Chris' attention and love and the fact that H-Bomb hasn't paid them rent in six months only adds fuel to the fire. Melanie wants H-Bomb out. Chris is caught between two life stages. On the one hand society dictates its time to get married and raise a family. On the other hand he wants to just "hang out." Deep down Chris would like to make everyone happy. Inside him frustration builds. Box Office Hours: opens 45 minutes prior to curtain Group Sales Number (10+): 323-860-3283 Appropriate For Ages: 16 and up There is an additional performance on Thursday, March 16 at 8pm.

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