Under the Desert

1hr. 15min.
Opened Aug 24, 2012
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'Under the Desert' is the story of Tom, a wanderer/self-ordained priest, and Ellie, a waitress in a desolate diner, who are flung together after Tom, alone in the desert for weeks, has a vision of a woman who resembles her. After finding Ellie working alone in a quiet truck stop, he leads her on a journey through her past, opening up memories and questions that she isn't quite ready to face. Mystical and dark, the play strikes from the subconscious, bringing forth an onslaught of the big questions we ask ourselves, starting in childhood. What is love? Are dreams attainable? Is there a God? What would we say if we actually were to face God, head on?

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Alana Dietze and Sean Thomas to Star in Raymond King Shurtz's Under the Desert - Aug 6, 2012

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