Trojan Women (after Euripides)

Opened Sep 8, 2011
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Besieged for ten years by the fierce armies of Greece, the legendary city of Troy has fallen in a single night, the victim of clever Odysseus and his wooden horse. Morning finds Queen Hecuba and the royal women of Troy--having witnessed the slaughter of their husbands and sons--held captive by triumphant Greek soldiers. Jocelyn Clarke's new adaptation focuses principally on the four royal survivors: the imperious queen Hecuba, her prophetic daughter Kassandra, her noble daughter-in-law Andromache, and Helen of Sparta, the paramour of Hecuba's cursed son Paris. Like the ancient drama on which it is based, Trojan Women (after Euripides) serves as a timeless meditation on suffering and survival, and examines the choices that separate death and life, despair and hope, and past and future.

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