Ti Ricordi, Amore Mio? (Do You Remember, My Love?)

2hr. (1 intermission)


In Italian with English synopsis! The American Premiere of Enrico Maria Falconi's poetic new play, presented by Italy's renowned Blue in the Face Theatre Company. A group of explorers finds what they believe to be an abandoned building. Wandering among the rooms, they eventually find a stage and, on the stage, an old man who starts telling them a dismantled, story about love, about life, like a dream not yet begun, a story looking for a beginning but not finding (does it even want to?) an end. "But," Falconi says "if you start listening or living a story, you must be sure you want to know how the story ends..." Three shows only. Post-show reception with the cast included. Blue in the Face sees theatre as a testimony to an art-conception as a "sweet cultural revolution." Santa Monica Playhouse, currently celebrating its 50th year, has made cultural exchange a top priority as part of its belief in the power of theatre to make a difference in people's lives.

Visit the Ti Ricordi, Amore Mio? (Do You Remember, My Love?) website:

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