Thrill Me: The Leopold & Loeb Story

Opened Jan 26, 2008
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Relationships can be murder. Thrill Me, a chilling new musical drama, tells the tale of the original "thrill killers", Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb. Both geniuses and born into wealthy families, Nathan and Richard became close friends as teenagers. Richard, a believer in Nietzsche's "Superman" teachings, drew excitement from committing increasingly more dangerous crimes just to prove that he could get away with it. Nathan, obsessed with Richard's affections, helped him commit those crimes in exchange for sex and secrecy. When petty crimes became boring, they planned the "perfect" murder of a young schoolboy. A simple mistake caused the infallible plan to unravel, throwing them into the media spotlight in 1924 Chicago's "trial of the century." But was that "simple" mistake truly innocent? This show is a spellbinding musical cat-and-mouse game between two young men addicted to getting exactly what they want from each other, no matter the consequences.

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