They're Not Zombies



They're Not Zombies is the story of a few survivors who manage to flee to the country when their city erupts in mass murder. They each come across a run down isolated church and hope it will shelter them from the events unfolding outside. But it doesn't take long for the murderers to try to follow them in, and they are forced to board up the doors and windows and do what they can to survive. In the process, they all begin to wonder what is causing this madness. The radio tells them that it is the result of a terrorist attack, but most of them aren't convinced and explore other possibilities, such as God's wrath or an invasion by another country. But when one of the dead comes back to life right in front of their eyes, they all have to face the fact that it is possible that these funny walkers are indeed zombies. Among the survivors is a Priest who has found his salvation at the bottom of the bottle. Armageddon is here, and he wants to greet the second coming of Christ with a smile - albeit a lopsided, drunken smile. His party is rudely interrupted when Karl and his girlfriend Stephanie break into his church seeking sanctuary from the pursuing chaos. A Cop and a well-to-do conservative, Candice, who believes whole-heartily that the government is going to fix everything, soon join the hapless group. Begrudgingly, the door is again opened to allow Judith, a stripper, entrance. All six of them collectively focus on getting through the event alive, but the internal conflicts that mount endanger their lives more than the zombies pounding on the door. They're Not Zombies, is a funny yet scary evening of entertainment that throws the audience into the mix. The seating is staged so that the action is all around the audience, and sometimes, on top of them. The specials effects are intense and disturbingly believable. Two-time LA Weekly Award-winning designer, Leif E. Gantvoort, will be providing the imaginative lighting and scenic designs. Gantvoort has also been nominated for three other design awards (NAACP, LA Drama Critics Circle, and an additional LA Weekly Award).

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