The Time of Your Life

Opened May 19, 2006
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William Saroyan's Pulitzer Prize winning play The Time of Your Life is set in 1939, on the eve of America's foray into World War II, and is set around the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, Nick's Pacific Street Saloon is a place where heroism abounds in the smallest of gestures. A honky-tonk haven for broken dreamers and the hope that is their muse, Nick's is an escape from a world that every day destroys innocence for sport. It is at Nick's we meet Joe, a wealthy champagne-drinking regular who "believes dreams sooner than statistics" and who endeavors to live "a life that can't hurt any other life" - a man who has immersed himself in a world of "wonderful people" who simply seek what we all seek: refreshment, in the truest sense of the word...

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