The Night At Rodgers Cross

1hr. 40min. (1 intermission)


West Coast Premiere These three connected stories revolve around the strange and beautiful people of Rodgers Cross - a small town whose citizens have all been patients at the local Maddox Mental Hospital. When a string of bizarre suicide bombings starts outside Rodgers Cross, the FBI swoops in to find the crazed mastermind - first interviewing two of the town's most notorious characters: a serial arsonist and a handicapped hacker genius. Meanwhile, one of the hospital's most famed patients, a troubled teenager and math whiz with a dark past - escapes town with his soon to be step-sister for an find if true love is possible. Part II of the show (called "Sweet Tooth") had a sold out run at The Cherry Lane Studio Theater in New York in August as part of the 2012 NYC International Fringe Festival.

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