The Mischief Makers

1hr. 10min.
Opened Feb 15, 2013
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We all delight in mischief-making, and Lowell Swortzell presents it most appealingly. Magnificent braggadocio, wild foolery, suspense, laughter, pandemonium! This delightful one-act introduces audiences to Anansi the Spider from Africa, Reynard the Fox from Europe, and the Native American trickster, Raven. As the play opens, the three are found perched together sharing a totem pole, unknowingly brought together by Nyame, the god of the skies. As they argue over who among them is the best trickster, they play out stories that best demonstrate their finest acts of trickery. These delightfully engaging characters and enchanting stories create a comical theatre experience that appeals to all ages! Produced in association with The Actors Workout Studio 4735 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91602

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