The Miracle of Mary Mack's Baby

2hr. (1 intermission)


by Johnna Adams Directed by Patti Cumby "In Texas, no one can hear you scream...Pray for Mary Mack's baby..." Imagine if you will, a small west Texas town, it's a normal Friday night, M*A*S*H* playing on the T.V. Out of the dark, Texas sky falls to Earth a silver vessel, lands on the front lawn, steaming from what appears to be entry into the Earth's atmosphere. Up in the sky, a series of brilliant, shiny lights, pulsing in an almost hypnotic manner to a rythmic, otherworldly beat. From the vessel emerges your child that went missing 6 months earlier...or is it? Featuring: Elizabeth Serra, Mike Martin, Patti Cumby, Robert Dean Nunez, Amanda De Maio, Darri Kristin and Frank Tryon.

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