The Fantasticks

Opened Aug 31, 2012
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It begins as a tale of young true first love, as next-door-neighbors Matt and Luisa, grown up together, fall for each other. Their fathers approve, and conspire to bring them closer together. Once the young man and woman learn of their fathers' approval, they reject their dads' plan (as kids always do), and set off on their separate adventures to experience the world. Removed from the comfort of home, they are individually hurt a bit by the world, as the world can inflict pain and sometimes does. After a bitter taste of disillusionment, Matt and Luisa find their way back to each other, with a wiser, more mature and deeper love for one another.

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Lukas Bailey, Matt Jennings, Molly Reynolds, Lee Meriwether set for Theatre West's The Fantasticks - Jul 24, 2012

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