The Closeness of the Horizon

1hr. 40min.


On the very same day that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon during the summer of '69, three teenage friends from LA's West Side set-out on a six-week tour drumming-up pick-up games of basketball across the country. The shoes were Converse, the music playing on the radio of their VW bus was Top 40, and the world was open to possibility. But is it possible for three high school friends to reconnect after 25 years? As he flashes back from the '90s to the music, mischief and iconic moments that defined that cross-country road trip, 40-something Paul Lewin must reconcile the expectations he once held with the reality that he, Stein and "G" - his once-best friends - have drifted apart. Shauna Bloom, Daniel Kash, Bruce Nozick, David Starzyk and Mandy June Turpin star in Hirsch's funny and bittersweet exploration of youth, hope, aging and the meaning of friendship.

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