The Break of Noon

Opened Jan 25, 2011
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Playwright and provocateur Neil LaBute's newest play takes off from George Bernard Shaw's quote: "All truths begin as blasphemies." And then we meet John Smith. He's a selfish, philandering liar - or at least he was. After hearing the voice of God during a tragic office shooting, this imperfect man reforms himself and goes on a mission to spread the word about a better way of life. But is Joe's divine encounter merely a ploy for celebrity, a chance to escape his rocky past, or is it part of an infinite and almighty plan? In The Break of Noon, LaBute explores the trials and tribulations of a modern day prophet - and what he signifies in a jaded world that is thousands of years removed from burning bushes and stone tablets.

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Kevin Anderson, Tracee Chimo, Catherine Dent, John Earl Jelks Set for Geffen's Break of Noon - Dec 13, 2010

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