Opened Mar 5, 2004
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Circle X Theatre Company presents a world premiere play, Sperm, written by Tom Jacobson, adapted from Jacques Miroir's 18th century play, Cachalot, and co-directed by Circle X Artistic Directors Tara Flynn and Tim Wright. In the days leading up to the French revolution, an American whaler captivates the minds of the king and queen with fantastical stories of ghosts, monsters of the deep and democracy. Will Marie Antoinette's machinations save her head and the head of the king? Will this prophet from the new world convince Louis XVI to cede power to the peasants? Will a whale cause the fall of the French monarchy? At Versailles, alliances are made and broken with a whisper and nothing is what it seems, as all of France stands a drumbeat away from anarchy!

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Mar 9, 2004
Joel McHale, David Paul Wichert,and Jen Kays in Sperm(Photo © Erin Fiedler) Not every play written in iambic pentameter is preoccupied with masculine bodi Read More

Sperm - Mar 9, 2004

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