Seatbelts Required

2hr. 5min. (1 intermission)


Buckle up!

The beauty of Kimberly Demmary's newest play (her last was the sitcom-y "Game of Life") is that it's almost, at times, uncomfortable to watch...and that's a good thing! . A dramedy at it's core, this tale of three estranged half-sisters coming together after their mother's funeral and airing their long pent-up grievousness makes the audience feel they're secretly watching; drawn into the personal lives of these three women. Filled with heart-breaking emotion, drunken laughter, sister teasing, and a tear-filled ending, Ms. Demmary captures it all. Directed by John Barker with aplomb, the sniffles at the end of the play were coming from more than just the stage. I can see this play easily being translated into an Indie film sometime in the future...and I hope it does!

Wonderful all the way around!

This production is beautiful in every way. The acting is superb, the direction is delicate and nuanced, the writing (an original script) is truly original and takes you on a journey that you're completely not expecting. As an audience member, you stay completely glued for the entire trip. An inspired and inspiring piece of theatre. Thank you to all involved for a wonderful evening of live theatre!!

I really liked Seatbelts Required!

This was a very entertaining, gripping, and surprising play. I went hoping for a good time and, instead, had a great time! I hope this show gets the support it needs to stick around for awhile. If you haven't seen it, go see it!

Heartwarming and heartwrenching...a must see!!!

I saw Seatbelts Required in November and walked away pleasantly surprised. The actresses that played the roles of the three sisters truly touched my heart. It was fascinating to watch the sisters' relationships with one another evolve on stage. The characters they portrayed we're convincing and brought tears to my eyes as well as much laughter! I was surprised by how funny the play was despite the heavy content surrounding the premise. I can honestly say that this is the best play I have seen in a long time and I plan to return sometime in January to see it again. The quality of the acting, in addition to a superbly written story, made for a fun & fullfilling afternoon in North Hollywood!!!! (And it will probably help you appreciate your family even more than you already do!)

Heartfelt + Highly Recommended!

Excellently written and perfectly casted! Lots of emotion + heart. â

A Must See!

I highly recommend this show! The actresses are extremely talented and have a natural chemistry. They'll have you laughing one minute and crying the next. Hold on! It's quite a ride!


This was an excellent show! I thoroughly enjoyed the plot, the actors and the set. It kept me interested and I was surprised that I even got a little choked up during the show. I highly recommend this show!!

Two thumbs up!!

This play is amazing!!!! The actresses work extremely well together and convey every emotion being portrayed without a flaw. It is definitely worth every penny ...and then some!

New Plays Brings Heart and Humor...and a Few Surprises

I saw this show last weekend and what really struck me the most was how truthfully the playwright and actresses conveyed the mixed emotions of grief and dealing with loss. Some scenes were laugh-out-loud funny, but as the play progressed it really knocks you out with some powerful moments and unexpected revelations. I thought the acting was flawless and would highly recommend!