Rent: Downtown L.A.



Jonathan Larson's Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning rock opera Rent, loosely based on Puccini's 1896 opera La Bohème, follows a year in the lives of seven friends as they deal with love, loss, and artistic struggle in New York's pre-gentrified Lower East Side. Although the cultural landscape of Bohemia has changed quite a bit since Larson wrote Rent in the 90s, the enduring themes are still as topical as ever. Armed with the approval of the original Rent production team in New York, Rent:Downtown LA takes place in a warehouse in industrial downtown Los Angeles, where an artistic renaissance is underway in the vein of 1990s Alphabet City. The musical numbers will be the same, but we're adding our own special West Coast touch to everything else: drinks will be served to the audience in brown paper bags, a local LA rock band will provide the live score, and when you walk into this warehouse, you will be inside and living the Rent experience. It is not a show about glitz, glam or money, it is a show about *HEART*. We believe our version of Rent will help fuel the legacy of Larson's epic vision and remind all of us out there who try and live a creative, passionate, collaborative life that there truly is "No Day but Today".

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