Ray Bradbury's Yestermorrows

1hr. 15min.


Ray Bradbury's Yestermorrows is a collection of favorite tales from America's Storyteller adapted for the stage. One of the stories is presented on stage for the very first time. Two others are stage classics. The new story is The Meadow. The elderly night watchman at a motion picture studio lot finds himself with a great responsibility: He is the protector of the entire world. There are those who would come to destroy, and the old man must summon all his wit and intelligence to dissuade them from their grim task. For classic chills on a warm summer night: Cistern is the story of a young couple in love. They're undead and "live" in the cistern that runs underneath the city. A Device Out of Time is a tale in which youngsters discover the secrets of time travel and, while they still can, visit the sights and sounds of decades past.