Puppetry of the Penis

Opened Feb 17, 2010
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Requiring amazing concentration, astonishing stamina, an unbelievable stretch factor and a remarkable level of testicular fortitude, this show leaves women and men gasping at over 40 heroic and hilarious penis installations including The Pelican, The Windsurfer, The Eiffel Tower, Loch Ness Monster, and their signature installation, The Hamburger. Puppetry of the Penis introduced the world to the ancient Australian art of genital origami. Over 1 million people in more than 14 countries have experienced the show, including the U.S., Great Britain, Australia, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Belgium, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and Portugal. Celebrities like Hugh Grant, Naomi Campbell, Victoria Beckham, Bono and Elton John have joined the crowds. It has been translated into three languages, had a "how to" book published, been played non-stop on HBO's "Real Sex" since 2002, and had DVD releases throughout the world.

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Rich Binning, Christopher J. Cannon Appearing in Puppetry of the Penis in West Hollywood - Feb 22, 2010

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